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Unique service for effective real estate management!

Ukrainian innovative development from the engineering and construction group of companies Advansys Group to increase the efficiency and profitability of real estate objects.

Advisor SCADA is a smart system where every object after connection, entering its high-tech environment, receives real-time diagnostics of equipment life and key energy consumption indicators and the ability to effectively control them, which ensures a reduction in 30% of resource consumption.

The deployment of such a service does not require significant capital investment, it is affordable and very flexible for needs. Connection to the service is made through a universal gateway for connection with a variety of equipment, regardless of the brand, into one complex system, but control in a panel with a web interface. It is implemented at different stages of construction, the configuration lasts from 1 day. If necessary, you can use Advisor wireless equipment with IoT technology for finished facilities.

Advisor SCADA is in constant development and offers ready-made solutions for management companies, network retail, co-working, sports clubs, business centers, smart cities. Among our clients are the Adidas chain of stores, Apollo sports club chain, the Aladdin shopping and entertainment center and others.

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Advisor SCADA service is an innovative tool for improvement
efficiency and profitability of real estate.