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This Privacy Policy determines how your personal information will be collected, used and stored, if performed by the LLC, “ADVANSYS” (hereinafter abbreviated as “Advansys”). Please review our privacy policy and let us know if you have any questions.

Collection of personal information

Your personal data and other information is subject to collection if you register, submit a request form on the site, participate in research or otherwise interact with us. We also keep track of your applications, downloads of information, your inquiries, services provided to you, payment details.

When using the services and/or creating an account, we receive certain information, for example: first name, last name, email address, phone number, postal address, age, gender, language, year of birth, other information necessary to accept payments from you.

Purposes of collection of information

Your personal data are used for ensuring granting Advansys services, Internet services of the website, exchange of information, news, the relations in the sphere of advertizing and communication in compliance and in pursuance of laws of Ukraine, including, but is not exclusive: “About protection of personal data”, “About ratification of the Convention on protection of persons in connection with the automated processing of personal data and the Additional protocol to the Convention on protection of persons in connection with the automated processing of personal data concerning bodies of supervision and cross-border flows of data”, “About information”, “About advertizing”, “About banks and bank activity” and also taking into account the principles and rules of Regulations General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.

The personal information collected by us can be used in development, granting and improvement of our products, services, information filling (content) and advertizing, for communication with clients.

We can collect your personal data for preparation of special offers connected with yours early perfect orders and preferences.

We can also use personal information for the internal purposes, such as carrying out audit, analysis of data and various researches for improvement of products and services of Advansys.

If you participate in a draw of prizes, a competition or the similar stimulating action, we can use information provided by you for management of such programs.

Use of personal information

We may use your personal information to serve customers, send important messages such as service status notifications, upcoming events, advertising campaigns, changes in our terms, conditions and policies.

We do not sell, we do not lease and in other ways we do not open your personal data to the third parties if other is not provided below.

In certain cases Advansys can provide certain personal information to strategic partners who work with Advansys for granting to you services of booking and payment of numbers on the website Personal information will not be provided to the third parties for their marketing purposes.

Storage of personal information

Processing and storage of the provided personal data is carried out in data centers of Advansys created according to requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

Protection of personal information

We constantly increase online safety of our resources, we reduce risks of loss of data and other similar risks taking into account the risk connected with processing and the nature of the protected data. To databases, containing personal information, access has only a limited circle of the authorized persons who proved this need.

Advansys will store your personal information during the term necessary for performance of the purposes determined by the real Privacy policy except for cases when longer period of storage of information is necessary according to the legislation or is allowed them.

Conditions of access to personal information

Your personal information can be published according to the law, in judicial an order (in judicial proceedings) and/or on the basis of public requests or requests from public authorities for territories or out of the territory of the country of your stay. Publication of your personal information is possible also if it is appropriate for national security, law enforcement, or other socially important cases.

We can also publish information on you if we define that it is necessary for carrying out of our provisions and conditions, or for protection of our activity and our users. In addition, in case of reorganization, merge or sale we can transfer any or all personal information collected by us to the corresponding third party.

Rights of the subject of personal data

You have the right to know what your personal data we keep. You have the right to demand removal or updating of personal data which are incomplete, inexact, unnecessary or outdated. You have the right to refuse through marketing traffics and to ask that we stopped application of your personal data for marketing or on other convincing legal grounds.

For updating, access, modification, blocking or removal the of personal data, a response of consent to processing of personal data which were provided by you in Advansys according to the real Policy or in case of existence of any remarks, wishes or claims concerning your personal data processed by Advansys, please, address in Advansys: by e-mail on [email protected] or write the letter to the address: Advansys LLC, 1, Starosilska str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 02125.

Privacy policy change

Periodically and without prior notice of the user to this Privacy policy changes and additions can be made, including, at change of requirements of the legislation.

In case of introduction of significant changes in this Policy of Advansys the message will be posted on the Website and the term of the introduction of these changes in force is specified. If during the specified term you do not refuse their acceptance in writing, it means that you agree with corresponding changes of policy.

We ask to look through Policy from time to time to be aware of any changes or additions.


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Last updated: May 12, 2022