Which devices use Advisor SCADA?

Which devices use Advisor SCADA?

Which devices use Advisor SCADA? - mobile
23, October 2021

Depending on the task, you can use the following Advisor equipment:

1. Advisor COUNTER modules. They consider the indicators of electricity meters, water, gas, heat, cold and send the collected data to the system. Each counter requires a separate module.

2. Advisor SENSOR THP and THPC SENSOR indoor climate sensors. They allow monitoring of rooms 24/7 by temperature, humidity, illumination, gas content, pressure, and THPC models – additionally CO2. The collected data is displayed by convenient widgets in your personal account.

3. Executive device Advisor EXECUNIT – carries out management of the equipment and engineering systems, gives the chance of adjustment of automation and optimum work.

4. Advisor HUB central unit – monitors the operation of Advisor modules, counters and actuators via a long-range wireless connection using Lora technology.

5. Advisor GATEWAY – gateway for connection of controllers managing equipment and engineering systems, external sensors and other SCADA .

An important feature of Advisor devices is the ability to install them both during construction and on ready-made real estate. Official warranty on the device for 1 year. The minimum set of wireless equipment for monitoring and accounting of Advisor costs from $ 900, with a management function from $ 1200, an annual subscription of $ 360 and $ 1200 per object, respectively. (Prices are without taking into account materials, installation, design and adjustment). The efficient operation of the Advisor SCADA service is highly appreciated by chief engineers and business owners and is used for automation in retail, business centers and coworking offices, shopping and entertainment centers, sports clubs, and management companies. Connecting Advisor SCADA services helps reduce costs by 15% or more.

Service specialists will individually calculate your object, economic effect, payback period and settings.

Advisor SCADA service was presented in Germany

17, October 2022
On September 20, 2022,  Advansys Group presented innovative cloud service Advisor SCADA for effective real estate management at SET Tech Festival 2022 in Berlin.
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Advisor SCADA Solutions: Automation of engineering equipment service

13, December 2021
Advisor SCADA, in partnership with Advansys Group and Aclima Service, has developed an innovative proposal to improve the quality of maintenance of engineering equipment in buildings.
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Reebok store chain started connecting to Advisor SCADA service

10, November 2021
The first Reebok network store is connected to the Advisor SCADA service.
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Ukrainian Retailers Association: Retail can work more efficiently!

01, October 2021
Press about us: article on the Portal of the Association of Retailers of Ukraine. Opportunities for introducing a service in the retail sector
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Commercial Property: How to manage real estate effectively?

15, September 2021
Press about us: article in Commercial Property. A brief description of the capabilities of the Advisor SCADA service.
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Какую технологию использует Advisor SCADA?

08, September 2021
Advisor SCADA uses advanced LoRA technology. It is an IoT solution for collecting and processing data and transmitting it to the control panel with a web interface.
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In the shopping and entertainment center Aladdin installed service Advisor SCADA.

19, August 2021
The Alladin shopping center has a system for monitoring temperature and carbon dioxide in common areas and tenants' premises
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Advisor SCADA Solution: Energy accounting and comfort monitoring in real estate.

05, August 2021
Remote monitoring of key energy efficiency indicators of a building or room with Advisor equipment. Quick resource savings.
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What are the main functions of the Advisor SCADA service?

20, July 2021
Advisor SCADA service is based on four main principles: surveillance, management, warning and forecasting
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First Adidas store connected

08, July 2021
Advisor SCADA service began to be used in the Adidas chain of stores
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Who needs the Advisor SCADA service?

30, June 2021
It is used in any type of commercial and industrial real estate regardless of the area ...
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The first Adidas Store Distribution Center is connected

23, June 2021
The first distribution center of the Adidas chain of stores with an area of 7000 m2 was connected.
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Advisor SCADA has signed a contract with the Adidas

17, June 2021
Advisor SCADA service has signed a contract with the powerful global brand Adidas for connecting real estate in Ukraine.
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Presentation of Advisor SCADA at the international forum "Smart Building"

15, June 2021
On June 9, 2021 within the framework of the international forum "Smart Building" the presentation of the innovative service Advisor SCADA by Advansys Group took place
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What does the Advisor SCADA service offer?

14, June 2021
The introduction of the service solves the problems of real estate owners and provides new opportunities to increase efficiency
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Announcement of participation in the international forum "Smart Building"

31, May 2021
Announcement of participation in the international forum "Smart Building"
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The first presentation of the service in Zoom

31, May 2021
Meet the first presentation of the Advisor SCADA service at Zoom Ukrainian Real Estate Club
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Meet the Advisor SCADA

25, May 2021
Advisor SCADA service is an innovative tool to increase the efficiency and profitability of real estate
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Advisor SCADA service is an innovative tool for improvement
efficiency and profitability of real estate.